Sean Johnson - Panic Now Productions

Sean joined M&M Theatrical Productions in 2000. He started as an actor performing in the production of Beauty and the Beast.

This took him touring around the whole of the uk from Scotland to Cornwall. He was asked to go back in 2001 to become tour manager for the show Beauty and the Beast.

Once again touring all of the UK, his show was voted 3rd best out of 15 show's and was presented with a medal for all his hard work.

  White Acres and London Palladium

After performing in the touring pantomine, Sean moved into the entertainments sector and became a resident entertainer. For 5 years Sean entertained families from all around the country.

In his break between seasons Sean joined a company called Star FX. They took lots of different people who wanted to perform, and put them on the London stage.

Sean was asked to sing one of the opening songs and also sing Razzle Dazzle with 4 other artists.
Sean also won an award for his outstanding contribution to the success of the Sunday Night Live at the London Palladium.

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